The progress train does not wait!


From 03 to 06 May 2023, at Oran Convention Center

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Why visit SIMEM ?

Visiting SIMEM for a doctor, specialist or laboratory technician is first of all to get up to speed with the various developments in technology in the medical world because it is increasingly difficult for a practitioner to stay up to date. of the latest innovations if he is satisfied only with what he has acquired during his training in medical faculties.

However, some experts reveal that doctors, having practiced for ten years, forget almost 80% of the knowledge they had acquired during their university studies.


New techniques and scientific discoveries that are more efficient, more adapted and above all more reliable are revolutionizing the approach to patient care and making the task of the practitioner much easier.

At the same time, the lectures given by eminent professors and experts, each in their specialty, allow the audience to improve their approach, to perfect their training, so as not to miss the train of progress that is not waiting.

And this is the whole point of SIMEM, which positions itself as a significant partner in the recycling and continuing training of health professionals.

Indeed, all past and future editions of the show offer the opportunity to bring together all those who work for efficient and safe medicine around the same table: researchers, experts, specialists, doctors, dentists, laboratory assistants, technicians, operators, etc. maintenance personnel, …